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One-Stop Time and Attendance Solution

Timon provides a complete overview for your human resource requirements. With Timon you can keep track of employees´ time and tasks as well as serve as a toolkit for managers.


Keeps track of punch-ins and absences of employees as well as calculating productivity of workforce during hours worked


Provides a view of attendance availability of employees. The reception or an answering service can immediately provide information


You can punch into a certain task from your mobile phone and keep track of time of multiple tasks or projects during the work day.


Plan shifts for employees ahead of time. A shift scheme is defined and assigned to employees and shift plans can be easily copied. Simplify time tracking and payroll.

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Timon is a versatile solution that can be adapted to the demanding environment of business and human resources. Take a look at what you can achieve with Timon.



Here are some examples of industries and how they use the Timon product suite.


Companies that are in the service industry are mostly using Task Registration and Attendance. Typically mixed solutions where certain employees are on salary where absences and attendance are key factors. Other companies manage contractors on a hourly basis and require shift planing.


Timon is particularly suitable for the retail industry, both smaller retail stores as well as larger retail chains. They require a solution that is easy to use, supports flexible pay-rule calculation, and support distributed locations where employees commonly rotate between locations.

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Travel Industry

With heavy fluctuations in staff between seasons it’s important to maintain good oversight and be able to adapt to rapid changes in a simple fashion. The travel industry benefits from Timon shift management, maintaining a clear view on staff working flexible hours.


The construction industry is a loyal group of Timon users that take advantage of real time task registration from mobile phones when working on location. For them it is particularly important to track margin cost and overtime labor cost. Reports are generated for invoicing projects.

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With Timon we are able to process payroll on-time and with ease-of-mind knowing the data is accurate.

Karen Elín Kristjánsdóttir

Payroll management, Eimskip

I’ve been using Timon for 12 years and could no be without it. Timon gives me both oversight over my projects and accurate time stamps.

Kristján Aðalsteinsson


-Simple and it just works, easy time tracking.

-We trust the Tímon team to assist us when needed, very user friendly.

-Simple, and makes our job in the human resource department more efficient.

Comments from the customer survey, June 2018

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