A company which uses Tímon to keep track of employees´ time and tasks as well as serve as a toolkit for managers is Tölvutek.

We visited their store in Reykjavík for a coffee and chat with Daníel Helgason, Operations Manager and Sigríður Halla Olavsdóttir, Financial Manager.

How long have you been using Tímon?

“We have been using Tímon for around 4 years. We used to have all registrations and other material in an Excel document and manage it from there. We employ around 60 employees, so it was high time that we adopted a simpler registration system.”

What were the main differences in switching from the Excel system?

“Our overall sense of the operation was better, it made a big difference and it is vital for our operation today. We need to have a good overview of all attendance and attendance registrations, and this makes a considerable difference for e.g. our switchboard services. You can access all the information on our employees, who is present, etc. It saves a great deal of time and reduces the workload of more than just those who are responsible for managing employee attendance.”

Why did you choose Tímon?

“We examined several options, Tímon and two other systems together, with one other system that was supposed to be able to connect with the wage accounts system, but our experience with this was unfortunately not good enough. After considerable testing, it was our conclusion that Tímon suited us best. The connection with wage payment system was a huge advantage, as was the connection with the timeclock as well as being able to choose between several registration options. We want flexibility in the manner in which our people clock in, using for instance a fingerprint scanner, registration by mobile phone and on desk computers. Finally, the cafeteria system was a great plus together with the shift registration system. We could see that we could save a lot of extra work and make workplace management much easier.”

What do you use the most?

“It may not be a major component of the system, but we are extremely pleased with the cafeteria system, or snack-shop system as we call it. It is really excellent and works well for us.”

“We offer employees the opportunity to buy a bit of this and that to eat, drinks and quick meals that are easy to grab on the go. Before, we monitored cafeteria use on paper which took considerable work to collate, but now we have tablets in our canteens that are open to the cafeteria system where each employee can register their own use. Employees can then review, in their own timeclock area on the Internet, what they have been buying, and their withdrawals are automatically deducted from their wages at the end of each month.”

“The automatic summation and the dashboard, moreover, are really clever. I, for instance, have the dashboard open when I open Tímon, and there I can see an overview of all departments and can instantly see any deviations from overtime, holiday time and sickness days together with the Bradford status of employees.”

As you have shift employees, how is the time registration use in registering shifts?

“The shift registration matters a lot to us; the shop managers use the system to organise shifts and maintain an overview of the situation at any given time. We have part-time employees in the shop and it has always been problematic to organise the shifts, but this makes it much easier and employees can themselves register for shifts.”

How has the service been?

“Good. It is fair – there are no missed deadlines in projects or problems. Just as it should be.”

Would you recommend Tímon?

“Yes, undoubtedly. I have recommended the system to the managers of other companies, which has helped them to make decisions to adopt the Tímon system.”

How is your daily use of Tímon?

“We are using the cafeteria and shift registration applications together with the time and attendance registration. On a day-to-day basis, however, the day begins, of course, with clocking in and having a look at whether everyone is here. We also regularly need to review and approve time registrations for the monthly wage settlement, and the main team managers check the status each morning and make simple changes if a staff member has forgotten to clock in or out or was not at work the previous day.”

“On the whole, the system provides a much better overview. The wage process is considerably simpler now, with better information and a direct link to wage accounting. It is simple to use and the interface is convenient.”

A final word?

“We are very happy with the staff of Tímon, and it is easy to send in suggestions for improvements. It is clear that the Tímon development team takes heed of all suggestions, and it has been a pleasure to see how Tímon has continued to develop in tune with requirements, as there are regular updates. This keeps Tímon in the top seat, as this collaboration is key and one feels that everything is done to make our work as simple as possible. We are also looking forward to seeing the new version of the time registration, although it is hard to see what further improvements can be made.”


Sigríður Halla Olavsdóttir, Financial Manager

What changed the most for you when you switched from time registrations in Excel over to Tímon?

“This was a major change. We have tried a number of options, such as using Excel and also other time registration systems that did not work properly according to e.g. the rules of VR. There was a lot of manual work. We adopted Tímon a few years ago and activated the connection with the payroll system that we use. It made a big difference, saving lots of time.”

What has changed since you began using Tímon?

“The manual work has decreased significantly, and the overview has improved. I usually do spot checks to make sure, as we use several different methods of calculation, but if anything comes up, then it is fixed right away. This is easier, provides a better view and requires much less time for all daily processing. It is also important that if there are any problems, they are simply fixed, and response times are speedy and everything is done properly. We tend to be very busy, there is a lot going on and we have to have a system that works well – we don’t have time for any hassles.”

What’s most important for you?

“That everything adds up, that I can trust that the system works and that is exactly what it does.”


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