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Time registrationTimon Time Registration keeps track of punch-ins and absences of employees as well as calculating productivity of workforce during hours worked. Managers can monitor in real-time attendance, absences and track payroll and overtime cost during the current pay-period. Timon also allows employees to monitor their own attendance and vacation status and a way of messaging with their supervisors promoting communication and added transparency. Timon is accessible to everyone on the web and does not require any installation.

Timon provides full flexibility when comes to payroll calculation. Timon can interface to any payroll system and provides more reliable, accurate payroll processing. Timon is a powerful tool for managers. Key performance indexes can be tracked from the Managers Dashboard as well as staff turnover, trend of absences and overtime cost compared to other pay periods. Reports provide an overview and data can be exported to data warehouses.

  • Real-time punch-ins from your phone, web, smartphone, tablet
  • Controlled user access.
  • Interfacing with ERP systems such as payroll and business.
  • Management of sick leave, vacation time and other absences
  • Numerous reports and data warehouse exporting.
  • Provides overview of workforce productivity
  • Flexible payrule calculation according to various collective bargainings
  • Provides discipline and ensures transparency
  • Provides information to employees
  • Manager access to KPI such as sick-leave, vacation time and absenses, staff turnover.
  • Real-time monitoring of key payroll cost during pay period.
  • From a phone
  • From smartphones and tablets
  • From a PC
  • From the PC taskbar
  • With employee access card
  • With bio fingerprint scanner

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