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Here are some examples of industries and how they use the Timon product suite.

Timon is particularly suitable for the retail industry, both smaller retail stores as well as larger retail chains. They require a solution that is easy to use, supports flexible pay-rule calculation, and support distributed locations where employees commonly rotate between locations. Cost can be tracked for each store individually and overtime cost can be monitored daily.

Use products: Time Registration, Attendance

Examples: Tiger, Bónus, LyfogHeilsa,10-11, Hagkaup, Bónus

  • Ideal for distributed operations
  • Export to payroll system
  • Daily montioring of overtime cost and export to data warehousing.
  • Supports high staff turnover
Companies that are in the service industry are mostly using Task Registration and Attendance. Typically mixed solutions where certain employees are on salary where absences and attendance are key factors. Other companies manage contractors on a hourly basis and require shift planing. Timon support these requirements with easy of use. Use products: Viðveru, Tímaskráning, Verkskráning, Vaktaskráning, Mötuneyti Example: Trackwell, Matís, Vörður, Vodafone, Eimskip

  • Track attendance and absences
  • Planning vacation time
  • Register service requests from customers.
  • Management tool for Human Resource to monitor trend of sick leave, vacation time ,staff turnover.
  • Staff purchases direct to paycheck

The construction industry is a loyal group of Timon users that take advantage of real time task registration from mobile phones when working on location. For them it is particularly important to track margin cost and overtime labor cost. Reports are generated for invoicing projects.

Use products: Time Registration, Task Registration

Example: IAV, Litagleði, Tandraberg

  • Data export to accounting and payroll.
  • Keeps track of equipment and tool cost
  • Task registration from mobile phones and tablet – suitable for remote locations.
  • Reports available to track cost margin, for invoicing.
  • Hourly payrules.

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